North Bend Increasing Pedestrian Safety with Sidewalk Striping Maintenance

City Public Works crews are collaborating with the King County Roadway Striping Group this month to complete a pedestrian safety improvement project.

Crews are adhering white thermoplastic – a thick, reflective and durable striping material – to define the boundaries of crosswalks throughout North Bend. Striping ensures that crosswalk markings are visible to all road users. The improved crosswalks will enhance pedestrian safety throughout town.

Public Works Director Mark Rigos says one of his goals for the  Department in 2023 was to improve the safety condition of North Bend’s crosswalks and stop bars with heavier-duty thermoplastic and re-striping. Rigos thinks the crosswalk conditions are now the best he’s ever seen in North Bend. The city is getting the job done. 

Says Rigos,  “I’m really happy about this. Safer walking conditions not only help protect the public, they also improve a resident’s quality of life. There is still a lot to do in North Bend, but we are making strides. The new roundabout at 436th Ave & 136th Street will be painted and signed soon. The pavement has to fully cure before the new pavement can be striped (painted with piano bars, crosswalks, white fog line striping, etc.). That should be happening in about 1-2 weeks.”

Striping work is taking place overnight to reduce traffic interference.

Learn more about how the City of North Bend maintains roadways by visiting the City’s Streets and Transportation webpage.

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