North Bend Downtown Foundation Welcomes Jessica Self as Executive Director

The North Bend Downtown Foundation (NBDF) recently made a pivotal move in its mission to revitalize downtown North Bend, announcing the appointment of Jessica Self as its new Executive Director.

With a distinguished career that spans customer service, sales and a deep-rooted involvement in community, Self is poised to drive the foundation towards its ambitious goals.

Jessica Self’s career trajectory is nothing short of remarkable. Starting in the world of custom picture framing, she dedicated 19 years to managing a single store, holding positions as a district manager and then as a regional manager. In these roles, she was at the heart of innovative initiatives, launching local store marketing campaigns, in-store artist galleries, and hosting receptions.

Photo Credit: The City of North Bend

Transitioning from framing, Self made her mark as a business development manager in Washington State’s commercial sales. This position saw her collaborate with notable organizations, including the Master Builders Association and chambers spanning Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, and SnoValley.

Her professional endeavors reached significant milestones, with achievements such as framing and imagery integration in the Seahawks stadium and contributions to what’s presently known as the Museum of Pop Culture.

However, her professional accolades only represent one facet of her journey. A resident of Snoqualmie Valley since 2007, and with her mother residing there since 1999, Jessica has been an unwavering pillar in the community. “Having been affiliated with the SnoValley Chamber for 11/12 years, my aim has always been to uplift and support my community,” said Self. “From spearheading events with the PTSA, coordinating with local businesses for give-back nights, to being a part of the Chamber long before it adopted its current name, every effort has been about the greater good.”

Self’s educational background further equips her for this pivotal role. As an alumnus of the University of Washington with a degree in Psychology, combined with her work and community experience, she perfectly embodies the mission and vision of the NBDF.

The foundation’s main objective, as laid out in its job description, is for the Executive Director to “create and implement programs for an active, economically, and culturally vibrant downtown.” This, in alignment with the Main Street Approach™, sets the stage for the NBDF to attain the esteemed Main Street Community status by 2025.

Mayor McFarland said, “It is incredibly important that we always look for ways to invest in our community. This partnership instills new connections, and it supports economic diversification. What a great opportunity for our downtown businesses.”

The next chapter for NBDF included opening their office at the North Bend Train Depot, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on September 21st. As they set the groundwork for future initiatives, Ms. Self is proactively seeking community members who share a passion for downtown revitalization.

For those eager to contribute, learn more, or connect with the foundation, Jessica Self welcomes outreach at With her at the helm, the future of downtown North Bend shines brighter than ever.

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