North Bend City Councilmember Loudenback Resigns After 18 Years of Service

During the North Bend City Council meeting on July 18, 2023, Mayor McFarland formally accepted the resignation of long-standing Councilmember Ross Loudenback. The resignation took effect on August 31, 2023.

Councilmember Loudenback’s tenure, spanning 18 years, has been marked by dedicated service and commitment to the North Bend community. His departure was met with accolades and warm remarks from Mayor McFarland and other council members.

“Ross has been a consistent, strong advocate for economic opportunity and public safety throughout nearly two decades of service on City Council,” Mayor McFarland praised. “We are thankful for your commitment, compassion, and dedicated service to our community.”

Reflecting on his years of service, Councilmember Loudenback remarked, “It has been a privilege and an honor to serve the people of North Bend. I look forward to participating from the other side of the podium.”

Councilmember Loudenback served as the 2023 Chair of the Transportation & Public Works Committee and was a member of the Public Health & Safety Committee.

Mayor Rob McFarland and Councilmember Mary Miller presented a framed photograph, taken by Councilmember Miller, and a plaque from the City of North Bend, thanking Mr. Loudenback for many years of service.

The City is gearing up for the next steps following the resignation. Come October 2023, the City will officially release a notice inviting individuals to apply for Council Position No. 4, which was previously held by Loudenback.

Interested parties and those seeking further details can reach out to City Clerk Susie Oppedal at (425) 888-7627.

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