North Bend City Council to Vote on Authorizing an Appraisal Contract Regarding the Potential Purchase of Sallal Water Association

One of the agenda items scheduled for the October 4th, 2022, North Bend City Council meeting is a professional services contract with Terra Property Analytics LLC (Terra).

That evening, City Council will vote to approve a contract for a certified, third-party appraiser (Terra) to estimate the value of Sallal Water Association’s assets relating to real property, buildings and equipment. 

The city says, “Sallal customers will be treated fairly and transparently. The certified appraiser will estimate the fair, objective market value of the private, member-owned co-op assets that are available and known to the city. This appraised value would inform the price to be offered by the city, which may include the amount of a cash payout that each Sallal member could receive.

The appraisal marks a key milestone in the intended water system consolidation if approved. This follows an offer made by Mayor Rob McFarland on August 16th, 2022, at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Sallal Water Association to purchase Sallal for its full fair market value. 

The city believes that consolidation is the best option for our community to end the Sallal moratorium and have enough water to meet current and future needs while ensuring enough mitigation water to support the Snoqualmie River. 

While the city is currently taking the next steps to pursue consolidation, the city still remains open to a water supply agreement with Sallal under the terms currently offered.

According to Sallal’s water issues page, when the city presents the water association with an official offer to purchase the Association, Sallal will put the matter to a vote of the members. 

In November, Sallal will hold an open house of their new office and shop where board members will be available to welcome members and address concerns, questions and clarifications in person.

Sallal states, “We continue to work towards a beneficial supply contract with the city. We continue to research our data regarding the current interim moratorium. We have begun a rate study to assess how rates would change with/without a city contract as well as with a permanent moratorium.”

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More information about Sallal and public statements regarding the water service issues can be found HERE.

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