North Bend City Council Approves Motion For Mayor Hearing to Finalize Negotiations with Snoqualmie to Take over Police Service

It looks like the City of North Bend is one step closer to having its streets patrolled by the Snoqualmie Police Department.  In a 4-3 vote at the North Bend City Council last night, August 21st, the council approved a motion which authorizes Mayor Ken Herring to finalize negotiations to contract North Bend’s police services with the City of Snoqualmie Police Department . According the city’s August 21st council action meeting minutes, council members Cook, Gothelf, Kolodejchuk voted against the motion.

The City of North Bend currently contracts with the King County Sheriff’s Office for its police services and has for roughly 40 years.  A recent telephone survey of North Bend residents showed a strong majority of respondents were happy with the King County Sheriff’s Office police services, but the survey also showed a majority  liked the amount of money North Bend could save by contracting with Snoqualmie for its police services.

North Bend began exploring a Snoqualmie Police contract last spring when the price tag for its 2012 King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) contract jumped by 8%.  Snoqualmie’s proposal could save North Bend about $270,000 – $400,000 annually over the KCSO.

In their proposal, Snoqualmie promised to have a dedicated officer within the North Bend city limits at all times, something 78% of survey respondents cited as extremely important, according to the latest addition of the SnoValley Star.  The KCSO contract did not guaranty this.  The initial year of the Snoqualmie contract includes $384,000 of start-up costs for three fully equipped patrol vehicles and six full-time officers.  For more information on Snoqualmie’s proposed contract for North Bend’s police service visit our earlier story on the topic.



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