North Bend Chief of Police Mark Toner To Speak On Keller Case At City Council Meeting Tonight

In response to the numerous questions being asked regarding last week’s tragic events leading up to (presumably) Peter Keller’s death in his survivalist forest bunker, North Bend Mayor, Ken Hearing, requested that Chief of Police and King County Deputy, Mark Toner, give a report during tonight’s North Bend City Council Meeting.  That meeting will happen Tuesday, May 1st, at 7PM at the Mt. Si Senior Center, 411 Main Avenue South  North Bend, WA.  Members of the public are invited.

North Bend City Officials do not anticipated that Chief Toner will have all the answers regarding the Keller case at this point.  They also do not believe Toner is authorized to discuss all elements of the case yet.  Officials do realize the events of last week are of “significant public interest” and have responded by bringing in Chief Toner to update community members with the facts of the case that can be discussed publicly at this point in time.  The presentation may answer some questions for those who are concerned or interested.

As last week’s events occurred after the City of North Bend published its council meeting agenda, Chief Toner’s presentation is not on the previously distributed agenda.

City Administrator, Duncan Wilson added, ” It [last week] was quite a week in North Bend.  We have many people to thank for their courageous and professional acts in protecting the residents of the county and this city.”

If you have questions please contact Duncan Wilson at

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