North Bend Chase Bank Victim of Armed Take Over Style Robbery

From North Bend Police Chief, Mark Toner:

On Friday, July 6th,  the North Bend Chase Bank was robbed at gunpoint.  The White Male suspect was described as 5’10 – 6’0 tall, heavy build, with dark hair.  His shirt was two-tone gray vertically striped button up long sleeve.  Baggy blue jeans and black or dark boots.  His forearms were described as “very hairy.”  The rifle is described as a black assault rifle – possibly an AK-47 type of weapon, with a drum magazine. The suspect vehicle is a reddish Jeep SUV.

Historically, North Bend has had three bank robberies since 1997.  In August of 2001, the Bank of America was robbed with a note.  In November of 2009, the Sterling Savings was robbed with a note.  In that case the 58-year-old North Bend man was arrested, charged and convicted for the robbery.

This is the first “take over” style robbery North Bend has had in recent history.  A “take over” robbery is defined as a situation in which the robber enters with his weapon displayed and begins to command the actions of everyone in the business.  The Sheriff’s Office has have found that this style of robbery is particularly dangerous due to the presence of the weapon and the excited state that the bad guy is in during the event.

King County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit is working the case and soliciting tips from the public that may help solve the case. If you have information, call 206.296.7530 to provide it to the detectives.

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