North Bend awards nearly $200,000 in COVID-19 recovery grants to local businesses, community organizations

The City of North Bend recently announced it allocated $183,000 to small businesses and community organizations in need of emergency funding due to the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

North Bend used the federal CARES Act money – determined by population – to fund its COVID-19 Rapid Recovery Program, intended to help offset operating costs, rent and other allowable expenses related to the pandemic.

North Bend was awarded $208,000 from the federal CARES fund and an additional $10,600 from King County and King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert. 

Per the CARES Act, government agencies have the option to use the entire grant for reimbursable costs it has already incurred in response to COVID-19 public health recovery expenses. 

North Bend said it chose to allocate $183,600 of its funding to support local businesses and organizations.  

Mayor Rob McFarland said, “Our local businesses and organizations have suffered extreme financial hardships over the past several months and are struggling to stay afloat. The success of our economy is largely dependent upon their success. It is the City’s intention to offer any assistance we can during these challenging times.”  

North Bend received 54 grant applications. 50 applications met specific requirements. The City said it is currently finalizing contracts so the federal dollars can be released, which should happen during the next two weeks.

As businesses and organizations were just set letters notifying them of the the awards, we will add a list when it is available from the city.

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