North Bend 4th Graders Name New City Snowplow

After months of pandemic-related delays, the City of North Bend finally received a brand-new snowplow to add to its fleet this summer. 

In honor of the new plow, the City enlisted the help of 4th graders at North Bend and Opstad Elementary schools to help name its two largest plows.

With dozens of creative name submissions, the City’s Public Works crew members voted on their favorite names. The two names selected were Darth Blader and Snowdozer.

NBE 4th grader Jonah Schmidt

Darth Blader was submitted by NBE 4th grader Jonah Schmidt from Mrs. Pynn’s class, and Snowdozer was submitted by Mrs. Perretti’s 4th-grade class at Opstad Elementary. 

Public Works Director Mark Rigos and Communications Manager Danna McCall made a trip to both schools on December 9th to share the good news. Public Works crew members also surprised the kids in both snowplow trucks.

Mrs. Peretti’s 4th grade class from Opstad Elementary School. 

The City is now in the process of installing the winning names on the plows. So, when the next snow event happens, be sure to keep an eye out for Darth Blader and Snowdozer, who will be out working to keep North Bend streets passable.

North Bend Elementary 4th graders.

North Bend thanks our creative North Bend students for helping with this inaugural snowplow naming initiative. 

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