Nominate Your Favorite SVSD Teacher/Staff For Educator Of The Year

Snoqualmie Valley residents have until Monday, February 6th, to nominate their favorite SVSD teacher and/or certified staff member for The Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation 2012 Educator of the Year Award.

The Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation will be honoring four SVSD staff members this year; one elementary school teacher, one middle school teacher, one high school teacher and one classified staff member.  Classified staff includes bus drivers, custodians, instructional assistants and nurses.

Anyone can nominate, including a parent, student, other educators or community members.  If you know a staff member who inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn; has the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues; leads by example; and/or plays an active and useful role in the scholastic environment – then nominate them today.

The rules are simple.  If you know someone in your school who meets these criteria, then tell the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation why they should be an Educator of the Year.  It couldn’t be more simple.

Think about all those times you raved to your friends and family about how amazing your son or daughter’s teacher is; or the secretary who always remembers your name and treats your child as they would their own; or the bus driver who manages 65 chatty kids and gets them home safely each day.  Every SVSD school is filled with staff like this.  They just need to be nominated.  Hit the link and type away.  Make an SVSD staff member’s day.

Nomination packages can be found here.   The deadline is February 6th.

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