Snoqualmie School Bond Recount Result Now Delayed Until Tuesday, March 8th

The King County Canvassing Board has finished work for today, March 4th.  Yet again, the only thing known is that the SVSD school bond recount result still remains unknown!  That is, until at least March 8th.

Delays today were caused by 4 contested ballots.  That means the employee recounting the ballot count not determine the voter’s intent so the ballot was turned over to county voting experts to determine its yes or no status.  Yes, our county has experts for this.

The canvassing board did add two new ballots to today’s totals.  But those new yes votes were not enough to push the yes total past the needed 60% super majority number.  Although the yes vote total increased, the overall number of votes cast also increased.  This larger denominator kept the yes percentage below 60% – at 59.998%!  The bond is still one vote shy of passing and building a new middle school on Snoqualmie Ridge.

It looks like Tuesday, March 8th, at 9:30AM the canvassing board and voting intent experts will go back to work to determine the intent of 3 lone ballots.  If one of those ballots flips from No to Yes then the Snoqualmie Valley School Bond passes.  Never thought I would say this again.  Yes, the drama lives for yet another day!

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