No More Scrambling for Space: Brand New Youth Facility coming to the Snoqualmie Valley

Wondering what’s going on – what’s being built along Boalch Ave near North Bend? Well, it’s kind of big news for one local organization.

The Snoqualmie Valley Youth Activities and Community Center Association (SVYAC) recently happily announced the
groundbreaking and construction of its new facility on 20 acres of land along Boalch Ave in North Bend.

SVYAC says it is eager to return to the mission of providing the local community and surrounding areas with a secure and safe palce for youth organizations to meet and get outdoors. The immediate work involves the building a 2400 square foot managed facility, which will support the needs of Snoqualmie Valley outdoor youth organizations.

According to a press release, “The goal of our project is to provide adequate on-site facilities for youth programs, adjacent to natural outdoor areas/public lands, and long-term storage to these organizations. These are areas local outdoor youth organizations traditionally struggle with while trying to focus on their programs.”

SVYAC’s previous facilities were built and managed by local volunteers over 50 years ago – and have been missing from the valley for the past decade. During the group’s recovery process, the SVYAC board acquired the 20-acre of property, which is currently supporting local outdoor youth events.

Next Comes the Building, The Meeting Lodge

Building plans were developed and permits were recently secured from the City of North Bend. SVYAC is now starting construction with the funds they have available. The facility’s foundation is going in and the group is expecting to complete the “dry in” phase by the end of 2018.

In addition to the open-plan facility – called ‘the Meeting Lodge’ which will serve as an operations base for projects and overnight camp events –  there will be a driveway and parking area. Future plans include an open pavilion with an outdoor cooking area and additional outdoor storage. The site will also maintain tons of open space for conducting training and demonstrations, playing games, and other outdoor activities.

Amy Ferree, Snoqualmie Valley Venturing Crew #115 member said, “Our Venturing Crew #115 has been one of the many programs to scramble for a meeting space within the Valley, somewhere we can call a permanent home. It’s changed over the years many times and we are looking to support SVYAC in completing this wonderful building and space for the community.”

SVYAC says the progress to date comes from the help of community volunteers, the generosity of local businesses and donations from charitable organizations such as the Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation.

Anyone interested in learning more and/or contributing to the SVYAC project and can learn more at or contact them at

Good Luck!

Foundation forms for the new SVYAC being put in place.

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