No Damaging Flood but a Wet Couple of Days Coming for the Snoqualmie Valley

[Guest Post by North Bend resident Mark Davis]

The biggest weather topic lately has been flooding. We saw some minor flooding around the area, mainly our normal roads were closed due to water covering them.

A few days ago, all of the models showed a second widespread and very damaging flood threat to most of all the rivers in Western Washington Monday into Tuesday. It looked very scary on the models with the rain amounts it showed.

The major damaging flood threat is now gone for most. The updated models have most of the rain going far north of us. The Snoqualmie river above the falls is once again rising, but only to minor levels.

I suspect the “normal” roads will be closed again due to the water over the roadway. So plan accordingly when you leave for work Monday morning.

It looks like the Snoqualmie above the falls should crest late tonight, but still, expect some road closures Monday morning. Here Is the latest Flood forecast from the NWS.

The next bit of info is on the winds. Our winds will start to increase throughout the day. 30 to 35mph gusts are possible. Monday’s winds look to be a little stronger at about 40 to 45mph gusts possible.

These winds are coming out of the west. Currently, there are no Wind Advisories from the NWS for our area. That could change depending on the storm track. I’ll keep an eye on that.

This is the current wind forecast. Ignore the ICON model.

The temperatures this week will start to slowly drop with a chance of a few frosty mornings. Sorry snow fans, “myself included,” there’s still nothing showing.

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