Newly Elected and Reelected Councilmembers Begin Term in North Bend

The first City Council meeting of 2024 in North Bend was notable for the celebration of four council members on January 2. Two were newly elected, and two were returning after reelection.

Mayor Mary Miller led the Oath of Office ceremony for Christina Rustik and Suzan Torguson and the reelected council members Heather Koellen and Brenden Elwood.

There was a 10-minute break during the meeting, offering a chance for citizens and council members to interact.

In their speeches, both new and returning members expressed thanks to the community and city staff, emphasizing their eagerness to contribute to the city’s governance.

Councilmember Torguson remarked, “It’s an honor and a privilege to serve the North Bend community. I look forward to collaborating with Mayor Mary Miller, my fellow councilmembers, and the city staff.”

Likewise, Councilmember Rustik shared her enthusiasm, saying, “I’m very excited to be able to join the Council,” and acknowledged the city staff for their role in preparation.

To watch Councilmembers Rustik, Torguson, Koellen, and Elwood being sworn in, the January 2, 2024, City Council meeting video is available at

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