New Rules on Fireworks Start in North Bend on December 21

Starting Thursday, December 21, North Bend will implement new rules that ban individuals’ use of aerial fireworks. This change aligns with similar restrictions in King County and other nearby cities.

The new ordinance explicitly prohibits the use of aerial fireworks in North Bend. It changes the city’s definition of permissible fireworks, now excluding “special fireworks” from those sold, used, set off, or held in the city.

This ordinance is designed to match the 2016 fireworks law of neighboring Snoqualmie, aiming to make law enforcement duties more consistent for the Snoqualmie-North Bend Police.

The North Bend City Council voted for this change in December 2022, updating the City’s Fireworks Code (NBMC 8.20.010). However, Washington state law requires a one-year waiting period before such ordinances become active.

Council members expressed diverse opinions during their meeting on December 6, 2022. They recognized the importance of fireworks as a tradition for many while also acknowledging the risks they pose to people, animals, homes, businesses, and forests.

Under the new ordinance, individuals cannot use aerial fireworks within city limits, but organized community fireworks events are still allowed.

What will be allowed:

  • Ground-based fireworks
  • Hand-held sparklers
  • Smoke-producing fireworks

What will be prohibited:

  • “Special fireworks,” which are larger and not primarily sold to the public. These must meet federal and state regulations and are categorized as Class B explosives.
  • Aerial fireworks, like bottle rockets and missiles
  • Firecrackers (already illegal statewide)
  • Explosive devices (also illegal statewide)

With this ordinance, North Bend aims to safeguard its community and environment while preserving the festive spirit of fireworks. Residents should embrace these changes, ensuring celebrations are safe and enjoyable for everyone. This is a step towards a more secure and vibrant North Bend.

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