New Elementary School Groundbreaking Scheduled, Superintendent says Thank You for Community Support

SVSD Elementary School 6 Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Snoqualmie Valley School District will hold a public groundbreaking ceremony on Monday, March 16, 2015 at for its newest elementary school.

The ceremony happens at 1PM on site of the new school, located at the corner of SE Swenson Drive and Snoqualmie Parkway on Snoqualmie Ridge.  Directions can be found HERE.

The passage of SVSD’s February School Bond provides construction funding ($35 million) for the 6th elementary school. The district says it is working diligently and quickly to get started on the much-neeeded first bond project.

Using impact fees, the district completed the new school’s initial design and permitting requirements last year – so it would be ready to go as soon as a bond passed and expedite the construction process.

Elementary school #6 is scheduled to open fall 2016 and will alleviate crowding at the district’s five other elementary schools.

The recently passed school bond also provides funds to re-build and enlarge Mount Si High School, allowing the current freshman campus to be reinstated as a middle school by 2019, as well as improvement projects at all other SVSD schools.

SVSD says a timeline for those future bond projects will become public in the coming months.

Sketch of ES 6 concept
Sketch of ES 6 concept
Superintendent says THANK YOU

Last week, results of the February bond proposition were certified by King County Elections.  It is now official:  local voters have approved the bond measure by a strong margin.  To our constituents, I want to thank you for supporting our schools and commend you for continuing to invest in this community.

Yes, this bond is a significant investment in our schools AND our community.  For our schools and the students who attend them, it will do much more than simply relieve overcrowding and address aging infrastructure.  The bond will also enable us to better employ programming and teaching techniques that our students will need to be competitive in a fast-changing world.  The bond will better align our school facilities with the demands of delivering a leading-edge educational experience for our students.

This bond is also an investment in our community that will strengthen the local economy, increase home values, and ensure our community remains healthy and vibrant.  Again, I congratulate the community for stepping up to invest in our schools.  I believe the “return” on this investment will be felt throughout the entire valley for many years to come.

It is impossible to develop an outstanding school system without strong support from the community.  This support takes shape in the form of voter endorsement of bonds and levies.  This support emerges in the form of volunteers working in the schools to assist teachers and help students.  This support springs forth when individuals and groups take care of children, young people, and families in need of assistance.  This support is in evidence when people in the community offer encouragement to teachers and students through their words, actions, and generosity.

Our community is one which places a high value on the education of its children, and is willing to invest—in a variety of ways—to ensure students receive the best education possible.  We are extremely excited about the work and opportunities that lie ahead:  constructing a new elementary school, rebuilding and expanding Mount Si High School, reinstating the 3rd middle school, and ensuring our existing schools are safe, secure, maintained, and updated.

Thank you again for your support, and for investing in our schools.  I believe that for our community, our schools, and our students, the best days are yet to come.  Please continue to join us in our efforts to make the Snoqualmie Valley schools the very best they can be.

In gratitude,

G. Joel Aune

Superintendent, Snoqualmie Valley School District



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