New Business Spotlight: Doctors Wanting to Stay Home for Work Create Edge Physical Therapy

Edge Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation joined the Snoqualmie Valley business community this past February.  The women-owned business is located in the Kimball Creek Village near the Snoqualmie Fire Station.

Owners, and friends, Anne Kertson and Shilpa Patel, are both Snoqualmie residents and are excited to be “home for work.”  The shilpa-ann1two physical therapists met while working at a different office in the Puget Sound area.  They got along well, quickly became friends and discovered they had similar philosophies when it came to physical therapy, a field in which they both hold doctorate degrees.

Tired of commuting out of the Valley for work, they starting talking (and dreaming) of merging their similar philosophies and opening a new office.  The ladies looked at a couple of different Snoqualmie office space options and decided on the Kimball Creek location, which offered great views, a blank slate they could put their own stamp on, and the fact that the space was in a medical building sealed the deal.

Anne commented that it’s great being located near Swedish Physicians for referrals.  The Kimball Creek Professional Center is now home to Snoqualmie Falls Ophthalmology, Gabriel Malouf Dentistry, Edge Physical Therapy and the Swedish Physicians, making it one of the only true medical office buildings in Snoqualmie.

Edge Physical Therapy is the third physical therapy office to open in fast-growing Snoqualmie.  North Bend currently has one physical therapist and there isn’t one located in the Fall City.  Anne and Shilpa feel their location right near historic Snoqualmie and the SR 202 corridor makes the office a central point for all Valley residents.

The two pride themselves on being completely connected with their patients – from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation. They follow the entire process.  Someday they say they might hire assistants to help with the rehabilitation work, but for now they’re in it for the whole patient journey.

Anne and Shilpa are also big proponents of preventative medicine, saying they like to see patients when something is “kind of aching ” so they can help diagnosis ways to treat that ache before it becomes a true injury and requires time-intensive rehabilitation treatment.

Welcome to the neighborhood Anne and Shilpa.  Thanks for the tour – the new office looks great!

Ann (left) and Silpa (right) working on patients in their new office
Ann (left) and Silpa (right) working on patients in their new office

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