My Weekly Valley Pick – Favorite Place To Dream Of Italy

My answer?  Brunello Ristorante Italiano on Snoqualmie Ridge.  Yes, I reside on the Ridge.  But I eat at many Valley restaurants.  I do love Brunello, though.  It’s got it all.  Great friendly owners, good food and good atmosphere.  It’s a true neighborhood restaurant.  It makes you want to sit down, get comfortable and stay for a while.  And if the food didn’t match the atmosphere, I am guessing the atmosphere would be wasted.

Brunello opened in December 2009 on the corner of Ridge St and Center Blvd in the heart of Snoqualmie Ridge – in the spot of the former Sebastiani’s Italian Restaurant.  The interior was overhauled, giving the place a cozy atmosphere it previously lacked.  Gone are the stark white tile floors, bright lights and uncomfortable chairs.  In their place are warm, dark wood floors, dimmed lights and comfortable leather chairs.  There is a distinct charm and comfort to the place now.  The owners, Cindy and Fernando, are local – like live down the street local.  Fernando was an Italian wine importer – and also makes his own wine.  Hence the good wine selection to accompany the great menu.  They do have some expensive wines, but my favorite is the “Good Wines Under $25” list.

We were lucky enough to have a fabulous, long dinner in Brunello’s small private dining room recently.  We relaxed with good friends and discussed a possible dream trip to Tuscany.  You know, the kind where generous friends invite you to share a Tuscan castle for a week.  How often does that happen?  While we talked (and dreamed) of the trip’s possibilities, we got first-hand Italian travel advice from our waiter.  Although he was of Bulgarian decent, he’s traveled to Italy and had great advice.

It was a fabulous dinner – as it is each time we’ve gone.  Good friends, good wine, good food.  Seemed the Italian way – with absolutely NO rush.  Time flies when you spend it this way.  Three hours later, with all other patrons gone, we finally ended the evening.  And not once did it feel like the staff was rushing us out the door.  They kept  telling us “talk, enjoy…. and go to Italy!”

Thanks for an amazing dinner experience Brunello Ristorante Italiano!  We’ll let you know if we decide to take the dream trip!

For more info on Brunello visit!/pages/Brunello-Ristorante-Italiano/353095855586?v=wall.


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