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I thought I should write something important on New Year’s Eve because let’s face it, we all tend to think of things we could change, improve upon or just mellow out about as a new year approaches.  Everyone seems to have some great New Year’s Resolution.

I keep thinking about something profound that happened to me this past month.  As I ponder it more,  I think maybe I am not alone….

I went to get a pedicure a few weeks ago.  Those of you who follow my blog know pedicures are my big indulgence.  I don’t get my hair cut often.   I don’t even color it.  But there is something about a pedicure that makes me feel better.  Maybe it is about my feet suffering from lots of exercise.  Who knows.  I can make excuses for it, but the truth is I love my pedicures.  Case closed.  No more excuses.

So I walked in three weeks ago thinking I could bury myself in a People magazine, turn on the seat massage and just tune out everything.  But as cosmic forces would have it, I spotted a friend on my way to the magazine stack.  We smiled and said hello.  I set my magazine down and started to talk to this friend I hadn’t seen in months.   I will say for the record this is not someone I know that well;  just someone I know is a kind person, a nice friend, loves her children deeply and recently lost her father, as did I a couple years ago.

I have preached on this blog about asking healing people how they are doing and here I sat, wondering if I should take my own advice.  We talked about normal things – the weather, kids, my blog – then I did it.  I asked how she was doing since her dad died.  Thinking back now I am not exactly sure how I asked, but she knew what I was asking.

What a world one question can open.  She told me about the cancer.  How quickly it came on, was diagnosed, that final day.   The question was hard to ask and yet I was glad I did.  She was so open.  Something in her eyes told me she  shared all my feelings from the past couple years.

I have found peace since I lost my dad.  I know he is with me.  I know he was proud of me.  I think of him with a smile on my face.  There was something I found by simply asking Kim how she was doing since her dad’s death.  I found solace in the realization that I was not alone.  Someone else knew how it felt and was brave enough to share it with me.

In the end she told me (after her dad died) she felt like she was too young not to have a dad.   I almost cried.   It was the same thought I had after losing my dad; that 38 was too young not to have a dad.  At the time it felt like such a  strange thought to have about losing your father.  Yet by asking one simple question I realized I wasn’t alone.

That brings a big smile to my face in this new year.  Knowing that we aren’t alone.  Thank you, Kim!

Happy New Year to all of you out there!  I hope the New Year brings you peace and happiness.

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