Mt. Si Senior Center to Host In-Person Classes from Bellevue College TELOS Program

Mt. Si Senior Center has been a community gathering place for celebrations, meetings and everyday activities and starting this month, it will be home to college courses for the community.

In partnership with Bellevue College, Mt. Si is hosting on-site classes led by instructors in the College’s TELOS retiree program beginning September 27.

“We are thrilled to launch TELOS courses at the senior Center. This is a great opportunity for retirees to learn, grow and have fun taking non-graded classes in arts and literature, history, current events, writing, science and more,” said Mt. Si Senior Center Executive Director Susan Kingsbury-Comeau, “and even better, the folks in our community don’t have to drive to Bellevue for these classes!”

Kingsbury-Comeau is excited about the possibilities of this partnership for enriching the lives of adults in the North Bend and Snoqualmie communities and supporting life-long learning. She has been working with former colleagues at BC to bring the in-person offerings to the Center.

The first two classes to be offered are already in the TELOS course catalog: Pen and Ink Illustration, September 27 to November 29, and Exploring Colored Pencils, November 7 to December 5. Both classes are eight sessions; Pen and Ink is at 2 pm Wednesdays, while Colored Pencil is at 2 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Find the full TELOS catalog at Mt. Si Senior Center courses will be listed under the Center’s own category.

Or, use these links: To sign up for Pen and Ink Illustration, visit; for Exploring Colored Pencils, go to

Mt. Si Senior Center Program Coordinator Demelza Riley expects a positive response to the initial classes, as the Center has been hosting similar sessions for much of the summer. She is also looking forward to adding more art and language classes.

TELOS classes are part of the BC community education program, helping adults continue growing and become lifelong learners, problem solvers and relationship builders. Students are not graded in these classes, and no credits are awarded. Most classes are $99.

For more information about the classes at Mt. Si Senior Center, call 425-888-3434 or email

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