Mount Si High School Threat Investigated, Police say School is Safe

In a letter home to parents on Thursday, March 10, 2016, Mount Si High School principal John Belcher said administrators worked with police overnight and this morning to investigate a “Snapchat posting that potentially implied a threat to the school.”

But after school officials and police spoke to the student involved with the posting, it was concluded that there was no threat to students or the school – AND that the school is safe for students and staff.

As the incident quickly spread around social media, with the school receiving many concern calls from parents, Principal Belcher shared details about the incident in his letter:

The school was notified by two parents of a concern.  One of the parents said their student had heard about a note being found, and the other parent reported that their student had heard about a message on a bathroom wall – that implied a threat to the school. However, neither of these students had actually seen the message.

After searching the school for evidence last night, no notes or messages were found. Law enforcement was notified and was present on campus prior to the start of school today. Together with school officials, they interviewed several students in the investigation.

Again, police have confirmed that there is no credible threat to the school. Principal Belcher said the  consequences for the student involved are confidential.

The school said it appreciates when concerns are brought to their attention so they can respond quickly to verify facts and partner with law enforcement to ensure a safe learning environment.





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