Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust Receives Grant Funds to Support Savor Snoqualmie Valley Initiative

There’s a palpable energy in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley as a sense of normalcy starts to return after more than a year of living amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In-person events and live music are resuming, farmers markets are back in swing, museums are re-opening, train rides are up and running, and summer is officially here, which means perfect weather for outdoor recreation and exploring all that the Valley has to offer. 

 Thanks to generous new funding sources, the Savor Snoqualmie Valley initiative will also be receiving a new burst of energy to further its mission of celebrating and promoting the Valley.  

 Savor Snoqualmie Valley is a program of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, a nonprofit organization that works to conserve and enhance the 1.5-million-acre landscape from Seattle to Ellensburg, along the I-90 corridor. The organization works with governments, businesses, and community leaders on this cooperative initiative which celebrates and promotes local forests and farms, natural and cultural heritage, outdoor activities, and thriving towns and cities in the Snoqualmie Valley. 

Snoqualmie Point Park

 The Greenway Trust was recently awarded $50,000 from King County tourism funding, which will be distributed as a two-year grant. These funds will support ongoing expenses related to the Savor Snoqualmie Valley initiative, including things such as website improvements, new content development, refreshed signage in the Valley, and the coordination of Snoqualmie Valley Heritage and Recreation Action Teams, which are affinity groups that meet regularly for collaboration, project development, and information sharing.  

 “I am proud to support Savor Snoqualmie Valley,” said Councilmember Kathy Lambert. “This Valley is incredibly special and has so much to offer to anyone who spends time here. This initiative not only helps residents and visitors discover new experiences, but it also supports the bigger picture, bringing value to everyone who does business here and wants to see our valley communities continue to thrive.” 

Public Art in Duvall

The Greenway Trust was also awarded a $7,950 contract from the City of Duvall utilizing grant money from the Port of Seattle. These funds are supporting the development and promotion of an “Explore Duvall and Shop Small” campaign. The program aims to encourage both residents and visitors to get out, get moving, and support local businesses recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

 “We are extremely grateful for the financial support we’ve received from King County, as well as the City of Duvall and Port of Seattle,” said Jon Hoekstra, Executive Director of the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. “This investment in celebrating and promoting the Valley comes at a pivotal moment in time, as we all work to rebound from the hardships of the past year and look ahead to what’s next.” 

The Mountains to Sound Greenway was congressionally designated as a National Heritage Area (NHA) in 2019. The Greenway Trust is leading a cooperative management planning process with the National Parks Service. This designation provides a new opportunity to elevate Savor Snoqualmie Valley with more enhanced and cohesive storytelling about what makes the Valley and the larger Greenway NHA landscape special.  

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