Mount Si Trails, Except Boulder Loop, Reopen After 5 Day Closure for Wildfire

Eastside Fire & Rescue Deputy Chief Bud Backer notified City North Bend officials that the Mount Si trails have been reopened, with the exception of the Boulder Loop Trail.

The whole trail system was shut down on Saturday, July 27, 2013, one day after a wildfire broke out near the Little Si trailhead, MtSitrailheadspreading up the mountain and growing to 18 acres by Sunday, July 28th.

The 444th fire is now contained, but a city press release says trail users should expect to see smoke from time to time.

“The Washington State Department of  Natural Resources (DNR) continues to check on the fire daily, and states the smoke from inside the fire area is of no concern,” according to that press release.

In a Tuesday incident report confirmed by City of Snoqualmie Media Contact, Joan Pliego, DNR crews worked in challenging terrain all weekend to get a line around the fire and see it contained.

At 12PM on July 29th, containment was confirmed and crews were addressing hot spots.  The overall operation was expected to demobilize sometime yesterday, Wednesday, July 31, 2013.

It was determined the cause of the fire was human.

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