Mount Si Rebuild | School Board Ok’s $6 Million for New Gym, Approves Condemnation Authorization

The SVSD School Board was busy at their September 10th meeting, approving multiple resolutions related to the $188 million Mount Si High School Re-build Project.

In June the school board authorized the district to purchase seven parcels of contiguous land adjacent Mount Si High School to accommodate the high school’s new, larger design – and so the school can finally meet city parking codes.

Parcels of contiguous land the Snoqualmie Valley School District is negotiating to purchase to enlarge Mount Si High School and meet parking codes.
Parcels of contiguous land the Snoqualmie Valley School District is negotiating to purchase to enlarge Mount Si High School and meet parking codes.


At the September 10th meeting, Assistant Superintendent Ryan Stokes announced the district had reached purchase agreements with three of the property owners, but in order for the owners to realize an excise tax exemption on the sale of the their homes, the school board first needed to approve a condemnation authorization – so the owners could sell “in lieu of condemnation.”

Stokes reassured the school board that by doing so it did not mean the district was going to stop negotiating with the other involved homeowners.  In fact, he said the district is still actively negotiating with the remaining homeowners, their agents and with a bank for a possible short sale on one property.

Stokes added that all property owners were notified of the possible condemnation authorization, and that it was more of a formality so that certain tax benefits and the short sale could be achieved. He explained the district is trying to be sensitive to the individual needs of each property owner.

After the board approved the condemnation authorization, it then approved three more resolutions authorizing the purchase of three of the seven land properties (one small gravel road and two homes) located just behind the school’s shop building near the back parking lot.

The district will pay ‘fair market value’ for the properties (as determined by appraisers over the summer), along with about $15,000 of additional funds to each homeowner to cover closing costs, moving expenses, lost rent, etc.

The last approval for the night was to authorize a complete rebuild (instead of a renovation) of the Mount Si gymnasium during the first phase of the high school rebuild, which will break ground in April 2017 and finish in August 2019.

The board authorized the district to spend an additional $6 million to rebuild the gymnasium after architects discovered the existing gym would need an approximate $2 million foundation upgrade in order to meet new, stricter (renovation) earthquake codes – and afterward the remodeled gym would still be at risk of significant damage during a large earthquake.

The board decided the extra investment was worth the added safety, future structure protection and better building design it would provide.  District administration and the High School Design team also support the decision.

The district said the $6 million gym rebuild would be paid for by matching funds it will receive from the state – estimated to be about $22 million – along with $3 million saved on architects fees.


Conceptual Design with rebuilt gymnasium.
Conceptual Design with Gym and PAC spots swapped.


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