New Vehicle Tagging Reported on Snoqualmie Ridge

There was another vehicle spray painted on Snoqualmie Ridge yesterday.  The Petersons reported their RV was “tagged” with a swastika last night, September 27th.  In August, a few doors down, neighbors reported the same type of tagging/spray paint vandalism on a camper parked in front of their home on Curtis Drive.

The Petersons say they arrived home around 11PM last night and then heard something around midnight, but did not see anyone.  They reported the incident to police this morning.

Snoqualmie Police Captain Nick Almquist said, “We have no leads at this point and have no strong evidence to link the two cases other than the same MO.”

According to yesterday’s victims, the vandals in the first swastika tagging have not been caught, although police did catch suspects who had been spray painting Snoqualmie park bathrooms. They say those suspects could not be linked to the August camper vandalism, though.

The Petersons say they want residents to be aware of what happened to them and are hoping neighbors keep their eyes and ears open so the culprit(s) can be caught.

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