Monroe Prison Escapee Captured by Sheriff's K-9 Unit Near Rattlesnake Ridge Trail

An escapee from the Monroe Prison minimum security unit was apprehended tonight on a trail near North Bend.

A reader reported police and news crew activity in the Snoqualmie Point Park area (I-90 exit 27) around 8PM on November 11th.

The King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) confirmed that their  K-9 Unit dog, AVO, tracked down and captured escapee Brandon Musto.  He escaped the Monroe Prison on Wednesday with only three months left to serve on his 2011 sentence for vehicular assault.  Read earlier story HERE.

King County Sheriff’s Sergeant Cindi West said a tip lead to the capture near the Rattlesnake Ridge Trail around 7:45PM.  Komo News reports Musto asked a hiker on the trail to borrow her cell phone to call his mother, which tipped authorities to his location.

Police were searching the I-90  exit 38/North Bend area on Friday, November 9th,  based on credible evidence that Musto was dropped there after his escape.  Later, other evidence suggested he had left the area by vehicle.


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