Mom, Autistic Child and Best Friend Create NEW Snoqualmie Company: drew co.

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I love shopping locally, have the sense of smell of a bloodhound and adore baths. Therefore, I was excited when local Snoqualmie resident, Elysia Pitt and business partner Drew Dickinson officially launched their all-natural bath and body company, drew co.

drew co.’s mission is to make intelligent organic care products for your body (and your soul). Made right here in Snoqualmie, partners Pitt and Dickinson were driven to make healthy products for very personal reasons. Pitt’s six-year-old son, Drew, was diagnosed with Autism when he was three-years old. After drying her tears, Pitt got to work figuring out how to best care for and nurture him.

She discovered that baths were soothing and therapeutic. Unfortunately, several baths a day increased his symptoms of Eczema, leaving Drew’s skin dry and cracked. Being the devoted and clever mother she is, Pitt decided to make her own products, using only natural ingredients. Little Drew’s skin was happy and so was his mother.

Pitt says, “Little Drew and I share a passion for bath products, so much so that shopping the ‘competition’ became a super fun mommy-and-me date night for the two of us. We found that with the right blends we could create safe bath experiences that met all his sensory needs and still soothed his sensitive skin and managed his dryness.”

Pitt decided to partner with close friend Drew Dickinson to launch drew co. as a business. Dickinson is as passionate about healthy skin products as Pitt, for her own personal reasons. “With diet, exercise and the sort of persistence that you don’t see on the biggest loser, Drew lost 140 lbs. I mention this because it is an important part of why she chose to partner with me to create drew co. We both know exactly the consequences of poor choices…and we wanted to create something that my son and our friends could use and feel ‘good’ about,” says Pitt.

Company Launch

I was excited to attend their launch party and was not disappointed. The soaps, lotions and butters come in a variety of scents and feel great on the skin, while pleasing my sensitive nose. The names of their products are as fun and passionate as their creators. I bought way too many products that were quickly confiscated by my daughters. Since then, drew co. launched their website, so I know where I can get more. If only I could find a good hiding place in my house.

“Are we the first people to make body butters? No! Are we very the first Mom, Autistic Child and Best Friend to create a company? I’m guessing not. But we are different. Purpose + Passion + Atypical Neurology = drew co. We think differently, we love each other differently and we rally our people around us differently,” says Pitt.

I wish drew co. much success. In my opinion, there is nothing better than supporting local businesses, especially ones that make products that smell and feel this good. Check out all their offerings on their website.

I know they’d appreciate some love on their Facebook page as well, which you can find HERE.

The partners of drew co. – as described by Pitt:

Little Drew: 6 years old, gifted and Passionate kid with a talent for creating bath experiences.   Drew’s dedication to The Bath is surmounted only by his ability to wrap his mother around his little fingers. Drew’s Passions extend to a deep and profound love of animals, thus ensuring our commitment to finding the best possibly sustainable and cruelty-free sources for our ingredients.

Lady Drew: Drew Dickinson, 28 years old, dental hygienist extraordinaire, sometimes trail-runner, an ordinary girl who wants and expects extraordinary things. She wants people to know that great things are within their reach – to make organic, healthy, beautiful experiences that everyone can enjoy… and to make people laugh, blush, snort and giggle with our crazy product names.

Me:  Elysia Pitt, 37 years old, medical sales rep, mom and dedicated optimist. I want people to have options when it comes to natural care products, and I want to show moms facing ‘The Diagnosis’ that there are options, there are choices and there are ways forward. Also, I want to be on Dr. Oz.  Just sayin’… #handsome.

Photos from the drew co. launch party
Photos from the drew co. launch party

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