Metro Changes Snoqualmie Valley Bus Route 628

Metro riders in the Snoqualmie Valley will now be able to enjoy a later trip to the Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride on weekday mornings.

Route 628 provides a weekday connection between the North Bend Outlet Mall, Mt. Si Senior Center, North Bend Park and Ride, Center-Ridge Park and Ride, and Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride. It operates 24 daily trips between North Bend and the Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride on weekdays during the Peak (morning and evening) periods, making stops along the way in Snoqualmie.

Starting the week of September 28th, a new 8:25AM trip will leave the North Bend Outlet Mall and travel west through Snoqualmie to the Issaquah Highlands Park and Ride. The underused 4:54AM trip from North Bend has been eliminated to make the new later trip possible.


Recently, Metro’s ridership analysis found that there were very few riders on the first morning trip, but many riders later in the morning. Some riders had even suggested to drivers that it would be preferable to have more service later in the morning.

The service change will respond to these customer requests by adding a trip in the late morning (8:25AM from North Bend, 7:55AM from Issaquah) and eliminating the underused first morning trip (4:54AM from North Bend, 5:52AM from Issaquah).

More info on Metro Route 628 HERE

King County Shuttle Bus.
King County Shuttle Bus, similar to ones used for Route 628 through the Snoqualmie Valley.


[Route 628 is made possible through a partnership between King County Metro and the City of Snoqualmie. Route 628 is operated by Hopelink, a local non-profit organization. The Cities of North Bend and Issaquah are also key stakeholders who have contributed to the success of this project.]


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