Marine Rescue Expert to talk River Safety at Sallal Grange

Summer-like weather greeted us this week, letting us know the warm summer months are quickly approaching – a time of year when many start floating down the Snoqualmie River and we see kids jumping in near Meadowbrook.

But before those hot summer months are upon, the Sallal Grange thought it would be the perfect time to brush up on river safety and best practices around the river that makes Valley so unique and rewarding.

So they’re bringing in an expert. Sgt. Mark Rorvik of the King County Sheriff’s Office Marine Rescue Dive Unit will present a talk on River Safety and River Rescue and Recovery Monday, April 15th, 7pm, at the Sallal Grange & Community Hall in North Bend, on Stilson Ave SE.

From floods to ice to swift water, the Marine Rescue Dive Unit is trained to use special equipment to conduct rescues and recoveries in and around everything wet or water-related. With their specialized four-by-fours and helicopter hoists into inaccessible areas, they can get to any part of local rivers. Once there, their dive expertise allows them to search and assist victims – even in zero visibility swift water situations.

Sgt. Rorvik will discuss the dangers of rivers such as submerged logs, strainers, whirlpools, hypothermia, bank instability, and ways to live with and play in rivers safely and responsibly.

This talk is presented by the Sallal Grange & Community Hall for the benefit of the public. It is free to attend.

Members of the KCSO Marin Rescue Unit
Logs near river banks can create underwater hazards for swimmers, floaters and kyakers

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