It’s all on the Map: Possible traffic headaches on tap again this weekend

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is warning drivers that numerous road projects, combined with lots of events happening around the region, could make it a really tough summer travel weekend for drivers. They’re urging folks to plan ahead AND add extra travel time.

In the Snoqualmie Valley, one big event at the Gorge – Watershed – could put extra pressure on I-90 AND SR 202 if drivers start looking for a way to get around I-90 backups. This happened in downtown North Bend last Friday when I-90 traffic got really bad, leaving North Bend residents frustrated by long backups on North Bend Way.

Note: WSDOT expects Watershed to really impact traffic and is advising those traveling over I-90 this weekend to plan on a couple of hours of additional travel time.

Don’t forget, WSDOT has lane closures on east and westbound I-90 east of North Bend up to Snoqualmie Pass. And if you’re wondering why they do all these projects during the heavy summer travel months… two words: good weather.

If you had any doubt of the large amount of road projects and events happening around the state this weekend, WSDOT provided this entertaining map via its Twitter feed as an illustration. Kudos on the Ed Sheeran doodle!

Happy Summer Travels everyone!


Photo: WSDOT Traffic Twitter Feed




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