Man Flees in Vehicle, then on Foot after Police Attempt to Stop, Arrest on I-90; Still at Large

After two police search warrants executed on Snoqualmie homes this week, and a lockdown of Camp Terry due to reported gun shots in Preston, more police activity was reported in the Snoqualmie Valley late Friday night.

North Bend residents reported the latest police activity in the I-90 exit 32 area around midnight, June 4, 2016.  Resident Sharen Marshall said it appeared to be an accident just east of the exit, with police present.  Via social media, other residents reported police searching the area with a K9 unit and roads being blocked.

King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Sgt. Jason Houck said the incident started when KCSO Deputies tried to stop and arrest a driver on I-90 for whom they had probably cause. Houck said during their attempt to stop the driver, he fled.

Deputies followed the driver eastbound on I-90 and then the man turned around and got onto westbound I-90 before he bailed out of the car near exit 32, running on foot from deputies.

Deputies used a K9 unit to search the woods and area near exit 32, with help from the Washington State Patrol and the Snoqualmie Police Department.

Sgt. Houck said unfortunately the driver got away, but he added KCSO is familiar with the suspect. Houck seemed confident they would take the man into custody soon.


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