Major Security Enhancements Implemented at Echo Glen Children’s Center

The May 6th Snoqualmie Public Safety Committee meeting highlighted significant security improvements at Echo Glen Children’s Center.

The facility, known for addressing the needs of youth offenders with a range of therapeutic programs, has been focusing on enhancing physical security measures to safeguard both the residents and the surrounding community.

Police Chief Brian Lynch introduced Echo Glen’s Superintendent, Dan White, at the meeting. Chief Lynch mentioned his positive impression from a recent security update at the facility and praised the ongoing efforts to bolster safety.

Superintendent Dan White

Superintendent White, who took his position on December 1, shared the challenges faced upon his arrival, including a recent escape. “I take that very seriously,” White stated, reflecting on his background with the Department of Corrections.

White outlined several newly implemented security measures, such as increased patrols, advanced entry-point scanning that mirrors airport security protocols, and the strategic placement of portable lighting towers to ensure the facility is well-lit.

Additionally, Echo Glen has installed cutting-edge wireless seismic ground sensors along its perimeter to detect unauthorized movement, enhancing the facility’s response capabilities.

Installing a perimeter fence is a critical part of Echo Glen’s security strategy, with plans to commence building in the fall and significant construction expected in the following spring and summer. A sample section of the fence will be installed outside the public entrance in June, allowing the community to preview this important security feature.

Councilmember Cara Christensen commended Superintendent White, saying, “I appreciate all the steps that you’ve put in place since coming on board.” Another voice of support, Councilmember Cat Cotton, expressed relief over the absence of further escapes and praised White’s application of his expertise to fortify the facility comprehensively.

City Administrator Mike Chambless voiced his support for White’s efforts, indicating a strong partnership between the city and Echo Glen. “We are here to support and appreciate your commitment to improving the facility,” Chambless said.

Echo Glen Children’s Center continues to evolve, balancing robust security measures with its mission to rehabilitate and educate, ensuring a safer environment for its youth and the community.

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