Love Creating With Legos? This North Bend Event May Be For You And Your Kids!

North Bend mom of five, Dani Draeger and her brother Lucas Draeger, just launched a new local company called Brick Builders The Xperience.  They will be putting on brick (i.e. lego) building shows throughout the summer; giving kids and parents a chance to participate in building activities together.  Dani’s goal is to foster healthy family relationships and team building skills, using Lego creations as the creative tool.

The inaugural Brick Builders The Xperience Brick Building Event happens this Sunday, June 10th, at the Si View Community Center, from 2:30PM – 4:45PM.  Tickets run from $15-$30.  Each comes with a custom lego creation designed by the master “brick builder” himself, Lucas, which will be built as a group.

So if your kids love creating with legos, or you still love creating with legos, this is a great chance to learn building skills from the masters!  And remember, the custom creation you build goes home with you.

To learn about different ticket/building options and to purchase tickets click here.  For a special discount enter the code “LIVINGSNO” at checkout.

To learn more about this unique Snoqualmie Valley kid activity click here or Brick Builders Facebook page.  You can also contact Dani at with any questions.

Happy Brick Building!

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