Local teen places 4th at CrossFit World Championships

This past weekend the Reebok CrossFit [World] Games visited Madison, Wisconsin, along with Mount Si High School sophomore and Snoqualmie resident, James Sprague.

Sprague competed in the Teenage Boys 14-15 year old age division. Over the course of the weekend, he competed in multiple CrossFit events, with the scores tallied to name the winner.

The competition actually began back in February – and started with 6,000 athletes from across the globe. Only the top 20 in each division traveled to Madison for the Championships.

Dad Patrick said James had been working hard for the last year at Cascade CrossFit in Preston to prepare for the games.

And it appears the hard work paid off.

James even placed first is two of the eight CrossFit events over the weekend. He plans on making another run for the championship next year in the 16-17 year old division.

Congratulations, James!


James Sprague at CrossFit World Championships in Madison, Wisconsin.


James Sprague competing in CrossFit World Games over the weekend.


Sprague with his father at CrossFit World Games.





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