Local Snoqualmie Valley Road Closures From January Storms

King County Road crews finally have the upper hand on snow and ice that have gripped the county in recent days.  County Road Service Division reports good driving conditions on most main roadways in lower elevation areas.  There are still some roads in North Bend and upper Snoqualmie Valley that have been slower to recover.  Crews will continue snow and ice removal in these areas.

Some east King County roads remain closed due to downed trees, power lines and/or debris.  Gusty winds complicated clean-up efforts even further by preventing crews from working overnight in heavily wooded areas.

Crews continue the huge task of cleaning up from recent storms.  Top priority is getting the trees, debris and power lines off roadways that are closed.  Work will then shift to collecting piles of trees and branches littered along road sides.  The clean up effort may take several weeks.

Local Snoqualmie Valley Road Closures:

Ames Lake Carnation Rd. NE between West Snoqualmie Valley Rd. NE and NE 80th ST – trees down

Lake Alice Road SE at #6925 – trees down

Neal Rd SE (north end) 200′ from intersection of SR 203 – damaged road

North Fork Rd. SE @ 7202 – trees down

SE Edgewick Rd. from 464th Way SE to End – trees down

Tokul Rd SE between SE 53rd Way and SE 60th ST – trees down

Highway 202 still closed from Snoqualmie to Fall City.  Looking for Highway 18 info over Tiger Mt.  Nothing on DOT site so think it might be re-opened.

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