Living Snoqualmie Hero of the Week Award

We all know someone who has positively impacted our lives and the lives of others. Whether this person is your postman who always goes above and beyond, the teacher who took extra time to help your child or even the neighbor who bakes you cookies if you’re feeling down. Often the people who we see as invaluable are the ones that others in the community feel the same about.

We all have our real-life superheroes, but much too often they don’t seem to receive the same level of attention as Superman or Batman. Instead, these local small-town heroes go uncelebrated, though never unappreciated. 

The ‘Living Snoqualmie Hero of the Week Award’ aims to raise the level of commemoration for our local heroes. In addition to the award itself, the hero’s community involvement will be detailed in a Living Snoqualmie article along with the interview of the hero and those they’ve impacted. This will be a series, and every week there will be a new hero featured.

Though our neighborhood heroes won’t get a key to the city and a parade like Spiderman, they will get just as much expressed appreciation from the community and those they’ve spent years impacting. 

For me, my local hero is Michelle Petrovich, the manager of the KeyBank on Snoqualmie Ridge. For as long as I can remember, Michelle has always been there for me; from helping me set up my DinoSaver account when I was 7, to helping me file for a debit card when I was 17. Michelle has given more than just financial advice, but also life advice; from helping me convince my Dad to let me get my driver’s license, to telling me the do’s and don’ts of college as learned by her daughters.

You see, the thing that makes Michelle a local hero isn’t just that she’s good at her job, but rather that she’s above and beyond in both her job and at being a good person. She knows your name, your age, your family, and even your pets. 

We all have a local unsung hero in our life; maybe the bus driver who always remembers your name, the woman who donated hand-sewn masks to the homeless, the police officer who helped you change your tire or even the neighbor who mows your side of the lawn. 

Now is the time to recognize our local heroes. To nominate someone for the ‘Living Snoqualmie Hero of the Week Award’, where they receive an article about them in Living Snoqualmie detailing their invaluable contribution to the community, please click on the link below.

Nomination Form For ‘Living Snoqualmie Hero of the Week Award’

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