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[Letter by Christina Rustik North Bend, WA. You may submit letters of support for your candidate to info@livingsnoqualmie.com]

With Election Day two days away, I would like to take a moment to say Thank You, North Bend! 

Thank you to all of the residents who have taken the time to share their thoughts with me as I have been door to door, at the Farmers Markets and numerous local events.  I have enjoyed getting out to meet people and learning more about the issues facing North Bend. 

Thank you to the residents and neighbors who have worked with me in various volunteer forums and supported me with encouragement and yard sign displays. 

Thank you to community and business leaders, the mayor and city staff, council members, and first responders for meeting with me and providing a more in-depth insight on the city.

Finally, I would like to thank the organizations who work to get candidate information out to the voters including the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber for hosting the October candidate forum, Living Snoqualmie and the Snoqualmie Valley Record for asking and publishing candidate questions. 

Regardless of the election outcome, it is great to see so many residents and organizations who care about this city and its future.  Thanks to everyone that help make North Bend a great place to live!

Christina Rustik

North Bend City Council Candidate Position #1

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