Letter | Support MacLean: understands school board role to set tone for the district

Dear Fellow Community Members,

As a community member of nine years, with two children who are in the midst of their educational career through SVSD, and as a teacher at an SVSD School, I feel like I have a unique perspective on why I support Tavish MacLean for School Board Position One. I am a community member, parent, and employee of this outstanding school district. It is essential that the Board members strive to understand the needs and responsibilities of all stake holders and I am confident that Mr. MacLean is wholly committed to providing the best possible education for our students.

I like to know the person who represents me is involved and spends his time with other community members. He has all citizens’ perspectives and puts students first. He has worked with Snoqualmie Valley Sports teams and the Boy Scouts as a volunteer. He demonstrates an understanding of the great work going on in our schools from firsthand experience as a parent in our district. He inspires growth by listening to teachers and administrator concerns regarding improvements and challenges without pressing for sweeping changes that lower morale. He approaches issues with a positive presupposition and asks clarifying questions for thorough understanding.

As an educator, I am inspired that Tavish understands the role of the board, to set the tone for the district. He is able to balance the drive for continual improvement while acknowledging great work that is also taking place. Tavish is a strong collaborative leader who is not afraid to make decisions he believes will advance ALL students in Snoqualmie Valley School District.

Please join me in supporting Tavish MacLean!


Carolyn Phelps

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