Letter | Strong Support for SVSD School Board Candidate Linda Grez

[Letter by Bud Raisio North Bend, WA. Views expressed are those of the author, not the Living Snoqualmie website. You may submit letters of support for your candidate to info@livingsnoqualmie.com]

In November, the School Board will experience change as three positions are vacated.  Candidates for Positions 3 and 5 are running uncontested, and Position 2 requires the community to vote on two candidates, Linda Grez and Judith Milstein.  I am writing in support of candidate Linda Grez, in her run for the Snoqualmie Valley School District Board Position 2.

I have known Linda for over 10 years through our service together as commissioners at Si View Metropolitan Park District.  During that time, Linda effectively led with honesty and dedication.  Linda cares deeply about our ever-growing community and the diverse needs of our children’s education. Linda is passionate about seeing every child in our district educated with the best possible opportunities to succeed. She supports access to curriculum that recognizes the strengths, needs, and interests of all students, including academics, arts, sports, and extracurriculars. She advocates for equity and inclusion, regardless of background, abilities, or interests. The importance of social-emotional learning and mental health support for our students and staff is also of paramount importance to Linda.

Because of her dedication to critical issues, Linda doesn’t hesitate to ask tough questions. She speaks up and, in turn supports open, transparent, accountable communication and governance with the goal of successful collaboration and innovative results. She values input from all sources and thoughtfully considers different perspectives with respect. Linda does her research and comes to the table prepared while remaining committed to working together to identify solutions that serve the greater good.  Linda models a growth mindset.  She is not deterred by setbacks and recognizes the only way for all to improve is to identify barriers, learn from mistakes, and learn from others.

While these are all admirable qualities, it is important for the community to elect a candidate with experience to back up their care and commitment.  Linda possesses a history of experience with local government, including expertise in policy making.  During Linda’s 12-year tenure as a Si View Metro Parks District commissioner, Linda collaboratively oversaw the development and management of community parks, recreation, and cultural programs benefitting all community members.  Linda has also served on various school PTSA’s, Music Boosters, and was involved in the community input phases for envisioning and design of the high school.  Linda celebrates the strengths of the Snoqualmie Valley School District, but also has a keen awareness of the challenges the District is facing moving forward. Linda has a vision for the future of the District, and wants to work together with the Board, as well as teachers, administrators, families, students and community partners; seeing all these groups as stakeholders invested in the growth and success of the Snoqualmie Valley School District.

Linda is dedicated to our kids and community, and she possesses the skills, experience, and vision to lead our district forward, making our schools better for everyone. We all win.  Please join me in voting for Linda Grez on November 5th.   


Bud Raisio

Commissioner, Si View Metropolitan Parks District, Si View

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