Letter | Strong Support for SVSD School Board Candidate Judith Milstein

[Letter by Carolyn Simpson Snoqualmie, WA. Views expressed are those of the author, not the Living Snoqualmie website. You may submit letters of support for your candidate to info@livingsnoqualmie.com]

School board elections can have a widespread impact on the direction of our school district. Decisions made by our board and administration impact students, staff, and taxpayers for years to come. Our district is strong, our leadership team is exceptional, and our future is bright with a focus on continuous improvement. This is due to the relentless work by the school board and the staff, and we need directors who will promote and strengthen this pace and direction of progress.

Three out of five of our school board seats are up for election this year. Two of those seats are uncontested, and one seat has two candidates. A choice needs to be made, and it is critical.

Judith Milstein has my vote and my very strong support.

Judith’s laser focus on creating positive student outcomes and aligning decisions toward the student is exactly what we need to continue the progress we have been making in this district. I have served 12 years on the board, and during that time, I have learned how important this type of a clear mission is when aligning budgets, training staff, and providing curriculum. Like myself, Judith wants students to graduate with choices, whether that be college, tech school, or career.

She works in a respective and collaborative manner and believes in ensuring she has good input before making decisions. These skills are critical for healthy board work.

School boards are non-partisan, and I can attest that our board worked hard to avoid bringing party politics into the boardroom. Judith says it best: “I have chosen not to seek endorsements from local, county, or state politicians, including political organizations. I want to be in the best position to represent the entire community.” Well said, Judith.

Please join me in voting for and electing Judith Milstein to the Snoqualmie Valley School District Board of Directors.


Carolyn Simpson
Director, Snoqualmie Valley School District Board, Past President
(Retiring 12/31/23)

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