Letter: Retain Busby on School Board, truly a voice for all students

Dear Editor,

As ballots arrive this week, I would strongly urge you to vote to retain Marci Busby for School Board.

At election time, questions always arise about the incumbents. Allegations are made about what has happened over the past term, and whether some decisions were in the best interests of taxpayers. Over the past 13 years, I have seen SVSD undertake steady, data-based improvement. We are consistently recognized for sound financial management and our students’ test scores, which are difficult to assess because of the many different tests that have been used, nevertheless are on an upward trend. I see no cause for concern in the current composition of the School Board.

Marci has served Snoqualmie Valley Schools as a School Board member since 2006. My family moved to the Valley in 2004. Since then, four of my five children have graduated from Mount Si High School. The three oldest have graduated from college and have good jobs in the legal and business professions. The fourth will graduate from the University of Washington this spring. My youngest is a junior at MSHS. During Marci’s tenure on the Board, I have seen a steady improvement in the educational experience available in the Snoqualmie Valley School District.

I have a background in Education and have served locally in various positions in the PTSA, including stints as President at MSHS and Council. I have attended many school board meetings and followed many issues. Marci is one of the few Board members who truly understands ALL the students in the Valley and recognizes that not every student will have or needs the same experience. Rather, each student needs to be given the tools to do as well as they can on the path they are on. Marci always asks the questions that remind the Board of the students who might otherwise be overlooked. She is truly a voice for all of our students.

Marci had lived in the Valley since 1983, and has volunteered with our students for 27 years, Marci exhibits the dedication that has helped make our school district what it is today—which is a huge improvement over where it was 13 years ago. Her integrity is beyond reproach, and her work ethic is admirable. She has the experience and the approachability that instills trust in those who work with her.

I’m voting to re-elect Marci Busby. Please join me.


Liz Piekarczyk

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