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[Letter by Errol Tremolada North Bend, WA. You may submit letters to the editor to info@livingsnoqualmie.com]

Dear North Bend,

I filed to run for office on May 15, 2023. It’s been over six months since I started on the path of earning a seat on the City Council. I came up short in the General Election, but I’m now being considered to fill the vacant seat by appointment of Council. There was an initial interview at the Nov 14th City Council meeting, and there will be a follow-up interview on Nov 21st.

I am a husband. I am a father of 3 young children. I work full-time and commute to Bellevue. I sit on the current Planning Commission and have worked on the Comprehensive Plan with our commission for over a year. I’m on the Snoqualmie Valley Little League Board of Directors, trying to bring the best baseball program to North Bend that we can. I coach baseball and basketball for my son, Rex. I’m his biggest cheerleader for his soccer team. I’m a Dance Dad with our Ignite Dance studio for my daughter, Reagan. I’m also in charge of exploring the trails of North Bend with my two 1/2-year-old daughter Briar, who cherishes her hikes with Daddy.

I chose to take on the challenge of running for public office, knowing the daunting amount of work ahead. I made the sacrifices needed to run a clean and solid campaign. I met with countless staff, city officials, former officials, and members of the Downtown Foundation, spent over 3 hours in a brainstorming session with the SnoValley Chamber of Commerce to understand the successes and challenges of our small businesses, met with the Snoqualmie Tribe on two different occasions about forging a stronger economic partnership with North Bend and made time to sit in person with State Senator Brad Hawkins about how we can incorporate more regional support from Olympia for our small businesses here in North Bend. It’s been an incredible amount of work. It’s been by no means easy. After coming up short in the General Election, I was concerned about continuing with this application process and what it meant to my kids and my wife.

When I got home last Tuesday from the Council interview, I spoke with my wife, Brittany, about the process. I asked her, “How are the kids feeling about it? Did they say anything?” … She had been picking up my daughter from dance class and had the live stream of our interviews going. Ironically, I was on the live stream answering some of the Council’s questions as they passed by City Hall on North Bend Way. My wife said, “They were so excited to see the building lit up and Daddy standing at the podium.” That made me feel both guilt and pride. These six months have been emotionally hard because I want to do my best as a father and husband to ensure I’m present. But I’m proud of their reaction because they believe their dad can make a difference. They want their dad to be a helper for their community. And I truly believe I can be. 

I’m still here today seeking the appointment because community matters to me. I did all this work because relationships matter in a small rural mountain town. You can’t serve your community from the council without truly embedding yourself in the community and understanding the needs of your small businesses and neighbors. The best example I can give you is the folks at Volition Brewing. When I stepped foot in Volition in 2021, I was just a customer looking to explore my new town’s local establishment. I met Lucas, Jamie, Ayla and Matt over time. I then learned that Matt and Ayla were neighbors not too far from me. I learned that their daughters were dancers at Ignite with my daughter. I learned that Jamie and Lucas had a daughter starting softball at SVLL. I saw Matt perform in the Dance Dads performance at the end-of-year Ignite Dance Recital.

I supported him by bringing my family to some North Bend Arts and Industry events he cares about. When I asked if Lucas and Jamie could support SVLL during a fundraiser, they jumped at the opportunity to help a friend. I talk with them often about North Bend, the outdoors, our jobs and our families. I was a customer just two years ago, and now I consider them all friends. That’s life in a small rural mountain town. When you build relationships beyond business and customer and truly view your businesses and neighbors as friends….you try extraordinary things like putting forth the effort to run for City Council. 

I did a lot of work. I took the chance in the General Election and am so thankful for every one of those 1,122 votes. I know that I represent a large voice in this community, and I hope the Council invites that voice to the table. If I am appointed to this vacant seat, I sincerely look forward to doing my best for you all. If I’m not appointed, I want to sincerely thank you for all the amazing support I’ve had over these six months. This has made me a better husband, father, neighbor, and friend. I’ll see you downtown for a coffee or a pint or down at Ignite at the dance studio or at Torguson on the ball field.

Thanks for the ride, North Bend. This is a special place.


-Errol Tremolada, North Bend Resident and Candidate for North Bend City Council Open Position #4

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