Letter: Busby ‘has always been, and continues to be, All about the Kids’

Dear Editor:

I proudly support re-electing Marci Busby to serve another term on our Snoqualmie Valley School Board!

One of the things I learned as a member of the school board was that you mostly lose your advocacy hat while serving unless you are advocating for all of the district student population. Our school district covers over 400 sq. miles spanning from Snoqualmie Pass to parts of Redmond and Carnation. As a school board member your job is to represent ALL the students in the district. It is not the job of a school board member to focus their attention on a certain group of students or students from one city or another. Serving on the school board should never be a stepping stone to some other political office or one for a candidate who has an agenda, there is simply too much at stake.

Some people may see Marci in the Snoqualmie Valley School District Board Room during the formal board meetings and think she doesn’t have much to say, but those that really know her, know for a fact that is not true. She is usually intently listening and thoughtfully considering what is being said by others. I had the honor of serving with her for four years on the school board and was always impressed with the level of professionalism, attention and respect she gives to everyone. She is obviously well respected by those in the community who know her and have seen her work in the Snoqualmie Valley School District where she has been volunteering for over 27 years. As a friend to many, I have seen her selflessly drop everything to rush to help someone who needs her in their most vulnerable and heartbreaking times. She has been with several people in their last days and moments on earth, holding their hand, comforting and loving them. Some recently questioned her priorities even when they knew where she was and what she was doing. In critical times in life where there are no “mulligans” or “do overs”, I would say she was exactly where she needed to be.

We have critics in our community that seem to enjoy making sure that every time we have a success they are there with the “yeah but, you need to do better here, here and here”. Constantly pointing out every area that needs improving does not honor the work that has been done and the success we are experiencing. It also leaves staff feeling defeated and pessimistic as though it will never be good enough for the critics. Would you dismiss your kid’s A on their test by pointing out where they didn’t do as well in other areas or would you, at least for that moment, allow them to celebrate a job well done? She knows we don’t build a great district by tearing people down. Does Marci ever raise issues or make suggestions to the administration? Absolutely! She just chooses to do it one on one, in a respectful, meaningful way instead of beating them up in a public meeting in front of the press and the audience.

Marci Busby has been volunteering and working hard for our Snoqualmie Valley kids for more than half her life…that’s over 27 years. She has stepped up in leadership positions many times throughout the years and her outstanding work spans the entire Valley not only in our schools but also in organizations like Encompass where she helped raise the money for the main building and the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network where she served as President for 3 years (volunteered for 10) , as Chair of Voters for Excellence working hard to pass school levies and bonds and for the last 12 years on the Snoqualmie Valley District School Board where she served as President for two years.

Marci Busby has served us well on the Snoqualmie Valley School Board and also for decades in other areas that benefit our students and community. She has always been and continues to be ALL about the Kids. I am proud to cast my vote for Marci Busby on Nov. 7th!


Caroline Loudenback – Past SVSD Board Member 2008-2011

[You can learn more about Marci Busby at www.busbyforkids.com]

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