Letter | Apology to Community for Fireworks Disruption

Dear Snoqualmie Community,

Two weeks ago, on January 10th, you may have heard a firework going off at about 8:00 PM. We are writing you today to inform you that this firework was from our High School Youth Group at Church on the Ridge.

We intended this to be a celebration for the great things happening in the lives of the High School Students. However, we did not thoroughly think through the impact it would have on you, our community. I want to apologize to you for the disruption this caused.

Our City Officials were in no way responsible for this and have reprimanded us for the inappropriateness of the act. Our heart is to love and serve you the people of Snoqualmie and certainly not be a disturbance.

Please accept our apology and know that we care deeply for the lives and wellbeing of the students and families of this great community.


Charlie Salmon

Pastor, Church on the Ridge

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