Let the Traffic Mess Begin! I-90 Westbound Backed up Three Miles Before Peak Commute Hours Begin

As promised by WSDOT traffic experts, and even with so many Eastside drivers altering their commute plans, I-90 westbound in the Bellevue Way area is beginning to getting really backed up as the Monday morning commute ramps up.

As drivers approach the I-90 construction area where crews have the freeway down to one lane for critical work to replace an aging East I90bellevueChannel Bridge expansion joint, it was taking drivers about 20 extra minutes to make it three miles through the construction “choke zone.”  It’s expected to only get worse as the day progresses.

WSDOT considers 7AM  the start of the peak morning commute. By 6:15AM, WB I-90 was backed up about two miles on the approach to 150th Ave SE in south Bellevue. By 6:30AM, the backup was three miles.

WSDOT says 520 is still pretty open for drivers wanting a different route over Lake Washington, and 405 was still in pretty good shape approaching 6:30AM.

7-mile back ups on westbound I-90 are possible during peak commute hours for the weeklong, 24 hours a day/7 days a weeks, expansion joint replacement project.

Eastside drivers are advised to add an extra hour (at least) to their commute during the construction project- especially if driving during peak hours.

WSDOT said the westbound backups started to build around 5:30AM, so if drivers can leave before that time it might help this week.

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