Lessons Learned NOT Living in Snoqualmie For A Week

We traveled recently – the whole clan. The first long day devoted strictly to flying. We had a two hour break between flights during which we cracked and took the six available upgrades to first class for the second portion of our journey. After early morning delays for “inclement weather” the comfort of first class was appreciated.

There is nothing like leaving a place that is 20 degrees and landing some 2,500 miles away in 90 degree weather….

I tried not to wear my watch. Instead opting to figure out the time by the bell tower in the distance and the position of the sun in the sky. I got pretty good – and attempted to teach the kids my methods.

There was a realization this trip. Sometimes the hardest thing to do each day was figuring out how to do nothing. Sounds strange – I know. But when most days are spent shuffling your kids to specific places at specific times it is challenging to just sit. To remember you don’t have to be anywhere and not “mind schedule” what to do next. Basically to truly RELAX and not worry about anything.

I also discovered how it feels to eat really fresh food for a week straight. If you eat seafood it was caught that morning – right offshore. Nothing frozen or preserved with chemicals. The flavors of the food were not masked by chemicals that allowed said food to travel hundreds of miles before making it to your plate. Everything was locally grown or caught within a couple miles – real, fresh food!

New lessons for me – learn how to do nothing and eat only fresh, local food for a week. Now if only I could bring this way of life home – the whole family would probably be healthier. And if only Snoqualmie was sunny and 85 degrees 300 days of the year. One can dream!

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