Lengthy, technical rescue needed for injured hiker near Teneriffe Falls, crews work late into night

Multiple King County Search and Rescue agencies were called to the Mt. Teneriffe trailhead in North Bend Sunday evening, April 29, 2018 in response to reports of an injured hiker.

Volunteer rescue crews from King County Explorer SAR, King County 4×4 SAR, Regional Special Vehicles Unit, Seattle Mountain Rescue and SPART all pitched in on the rescue mission that lasted until roughly midnight as teams navigated the very slick, steep and rocky terrain of the Teneriffe Falls/Kamikaze Trail area.

The technical rescue also included a soggy pack out of the injured hiker – approximately two miles down the mountain to the trailhead.

King County SAR volunteer PIO Alan LaBissoniere said information about the victim in limited, but said the incident happened near the Falls when the hiker slipped and fell and suffered a broken bone.

A new trail with access to Teneriffe Falls was added by Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) last year. According to the Washington Trail Association, the Teneriffe Falls trail has loose rock in places and some steep drop-offs.


SAR rescue crews navigate steep slope near Mt. Teneriffe Falls trail, 4/29/18. Photo: King County Explorer SAR Facebook page.


Lightened area shows Teneriffe Falls area of the rescue.





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