Learn to Cook for Better Health with Chef Nic in ‘The Up Beet Kitchen’

Need  little help with learning to cook healthier and more creatively?  I’ve always been pretty good at cooking all those quick foods that kids love, but maybe aren’t the healthiest. So here’s something that might be just what the nutritionist ordered.

Community members can learn practical cooking skills needed for better health during the upcoming Kickstart Your Health class, a cooking demonstration and food tasting from 6PM to 8PM on Monday, Sept. 29, 2014, at the Snoqualmie Hospital Rehabilitation Clinic, 38565 SE River St., in downtown Snoqualmie.

Chef Nic and ‘The Up Beet Kitchen’

Nurse and Chef Nic Demuth will teach basic healthy cooking skills and explain how healthy foods can be used to treat and prevent disease and illness. This is a chance to discover which foods are optimal for weight management, diabetes and cardiac health.

Chef Nic worked as a nurse since 2005. Shortly after getting his MBA, he was recruited to a biotech firm to build their account up beet kitchenmanagement program, but was laid off after a year. During that time he gained 50 pounds.

With ‘new found’ time to focus on his health, Nic discovered the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine, which advocated a whole foods plant-based diet for weight loss. He changed his diet and was able to lose the weight.

Along his weight loss journey, Nic also discovered research about using a whole foods plant-based diet to treat and prevent diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiac disease and cancer. He went back to work as a nurse and shared this information with his patients.

Seeing a need for better patient education around diet, Nic went to the Natural Gourmet Institute, the top Health Supportive culinary School in NYC, and is now the founder of The Up Beet Kitchen, a free web application that teaches people to cook in their home and the basics of diet and disease.

The Class

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask diet-related health questions while enjoying a cooking demonstration and tasting where Chef Nic will prepare falafel sliders with red pepper coulis and salad.

During the class, attendees will learn:

  • How to make baked falafel
  • How to make food in bulk for quick, easy preparation later
  • Basic principles of spicing
  • Secrets to a good sauce
  • How to prepare oil free salad dressings at home

A donation is $5 is suggested to help cover food expenses. Space is limited and registration can be done at www.ChefNic.eventbrite.com or by calling 425-831-3329. The event is sponsored by the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District.

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