Komo News TV Sports Reporter Visits Cascade View 3rd Grade Class To Pick NCAA Basketball Bracket Winners

It’s that time of year for basketball fans.  Time for many to pick the NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets winners for their office pool.  To give this annual tradition a local twist, Komo News visited Cascade View Elementary School and gave a “bracketology” lesson to Ms. Parker’s 3rd grade class.

Snoqualmie Ridge resident, Cascade View dad and Komo 4 News Sports Director, Mike Ferreri, brought his crew to his 3rd grade son’s classroom and taught them a little about the annual NCAA College Championship Tournament.  Then together with Ms. Parker’s 3rd grade class, they did some  “bracketology” work and picked a winner for the tournament.  You’ll have to watch the video to find out the kids’ predicted 2012 winner.

A good time was had by all reports Cascade View 3rd grader, Ella Hardwick.  She added that Mr. Ferreri was “great and really funny.”  Ms. Parker’s 3rd grade class got to see all their hard tournament “bracketology” work featured on Komo News 4PM newscast yesterday.   You can view the entertaining tv news segment of those hard working (and now tv stars) Cascade View 3rd graders at Komo News.

Great job Ms. Parker’s 3rd grade class!

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