King County Metro Cuts Two Valley Bus Routes as of September 27th

As anticipated since July when the King County Council announced its first bus service cuts to address Metro Transit’s funding metrobusshortfall, the first bus service reductions will affect Snoqualmie Valley routes as of Saturday, September 27, 2014.

Just a few years after route 215 was added, it’s gone.  Just one year after route 208 was added, making it the third Snoqualmie Valley bus route, it’s the only one left.

The City of Snoqualmie says it is continuing discussions with King County Metro about ways to mitigate route impacts in the future, and that Metro continues to accept feedback on modified route scheduling and options.

Metro Bus Changes Affecting the Snoqualmie Valley

Route 208 is Revised

Beginning September 27, route 208 service frequency will be reduced from 60 minutes to 120-150 minutes, but will provide a wider span of service. Trips will be added to provide two-way service during the morning and afternoon peak periods since routes 209 and 2015 will be cut.

There will be major schedule adjustments in the morning including the first westbound trip that will enable commuters to make a transfer at the Issaquah TC and arrive in downtown Seattle by 8AM.

Route 209 is Discontinued

Riders of route 209 are advised to use revised route 208 along Railroad Avenue SE between Snoqualmie Parkway and the North Bend Outlet Stores.

Route 215 is Discontinued

Riders of route 215 are advised to use revised route 208 and connect with revised route 214 or Sound Transit Route 554 at the Issaquah Transit Center.

Other Transportation Options

The Snoqualmie Valley Shuttle provides regularly scheduled service to Snoqualmie Valley cities.  Rideshare is another alternative to meet regular transportation needs and reduce commuting times through use of carpool lanes.

According to King County Metro, these first round bus service cuts focus on “routes that are below the 25 percent productivity threshold that is part of the County’s adopted Transit Service Guidelines.”

More information about updated schedules and trip planning are available on the King County Metro website.



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